Thursday, June 03, 2010

Asking the right questions

If you see a blank face after you presented a great idea, then understand that nobody got it.  Or nobody is with you.  Here only one thing you can do to get your idea through.  Either you ask questions as you convey your idea or make them ask you questions.  And the key is asking the right questions.

If you are a sales person and if you don't get any objection then you got your first signal.  The customer is not getting your side of the story.  Asking questions along the way is a key to make them engaged.  If there is no engagement then there is no selling.  

What schools didn't taught us to do it right?  They didn't taught us to ask intelligent questions.  What makes you think so? perhaps would be a very legitimate question in most of the situations.  For example Can you show me some facts behind your assumption?

Don't simply assume what others are saying or don't assume either that what you are saying everybody is actually getting it.  Because we have entered in a routine syndrome where you engage in a conversation and responses like agree, agree, agree.  Or I know, I know, Yeah Yeah and ok, ok, ok are almost habitual.  Without thinking you answer it.  This could make you look really stupid.

Do you think business leaders know every aspect of how a technology works?  Do you think Bill Gates can figure out how to write a chemical formula or design steam engines?  Perhaps not in a very short time.  Business leaders don't know how a manufacturing machine is working.  But they can get others to work on troubleshooting the machine.  How can they do it?  Well they ask the right questions.  That will get answers to how to solve the problem by simple asking basic questions.

Lets be an inquisitive learner.