Investing or Wasting

Are you investing your time in building the bridges(relationships) on facebook, twitter or in real life or just wasting awful amount of time in replying irrelevant messages, pampering your ego with useless notifications or updating irrelevant status updates? 

Have you done your long term research in investing money in certain portfolio or you just jumped along with the crowd to buy apple stocks?  Did you just wasted money in buying useless stocks? or Did you just sold a cash cow? 

Have you invested your time in figuring out what would you do for the rest of your life?  Or still worrying about the uncertainty of future?  Are you wasting your time or investing it? If you are doing anything that has long term benefits than it is surely investing.

Try to invest your time in such a way that you get long term returns.  Invest your time wisely on facebook to build a lasting relationship or in real life too.  Every person whom you meet is a possible candidate to receive your idea and spread it to thousands of people.

Ask yourself a question when a kind of activity is fruitless,  Is this investing or wasting of my time?  You can make it more interesting and fun from an investing perspective.

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