Live like you are dying

Steve Jobs - "Even those who want to go to heaven don't want to die".  Death discovers the way we should live.  If you have met someone who survived from a life threatening disease or an injury or who was counting his days, then only you will realize how it feels like dying.  "Until people experience they will not realize how they should live." - said my one of my favorite mentors.  

1) Appreciate everyone and everything
You walk into McDonalds order a coffee and you met the guy.  On your last day you would take time to appreciate his efforts and thank him for what he is doing.  You will even stop by your favorite gas station to say thank you and appreciate.  You will stop complaining about what they have done wrong and simply appreciate.

2) Stop worrying
On your last day one thing is sure that you know tomorrow is when you will leave everything.  Nothing to loose, nothing to gain.  You will want to stop worrying about all small things like pay bills, respond to messages, follow what others say, care about others.  When you know there is nothing that you can do about it, you will try to adjust with it.  You will stop worrying.

3) Follow your heart
You will do what your heart says.  Want to eat out with friends, you will.  Want to see a movie, you will.  Want to work on your favorite piece of music, you will.  Want to ask a girl for a date, you will.  Want to ship your idea, you will.  You will only follow your heart.  Because you don't want to disappoint your bleeding heart at that point of time.

4) Give your 100%
When you know you have only one shot at doing anything, then you will put your best step forward.  You will be 100% yourself in whatever you are doing.  You will be responsible for yourself.   You want to be happy with what you are doing in that moment.  You will be engrossed in the movie so much that you want to enjoy 100% of that movie.  You want to be 100% yourself when you are with friends. 

5) Stay closer with your loved ones
You would spend more and more time together with your family and friends.  You realized that this is your last chance to be with them.  You need them and so they need you.  They are closest to you and so it makes more sense to be with them.   Life is strange and has made us so busy that we are spending more and more time on our projects, bosses, job, virtual worlds, distant places and irrelevant connections. 

Why not do all these things now when you know how important it is.  Ask yourself, "If this was my last chance to do, would do it anyway differently then this or better than this?".

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