Saturday, June 12, 2010

What is thinking extreme?

What is thinking on the extreme?  Assuming everything remains the same and situations don't change then taking an assumption to far heights and thinking what will happen is thinking extreme. 

For example what would happen if the U.S. Oil spill continues for 2 years?  Or What would happen if people don't change their eating habits and obese population goes on increasing at even faster rate for 20 more years?

Remember movie Wall-E where everyone is in the space and obese?  Remember the whole earth was portrayed as a garbage dump yard? That is thinking on the extreme which is based upon an assumption that things won't change. 

Ridiculous it may sound but theoreticians and scholars have been able to hypothesize many theories and researches since ages.  And that has helped us to take action against a cause or to make a difference in this world. 

Because things don't remain constant forever.  The beautiful part of this word is it is continuously changing and evolving.  Technology changes everyday and so do people change over time. 

Think on the extreme, expand your thoughts, explore new boundaries of your imagination even if they are wired and totally impractical.   You will start thinking BIG. 

Last one what if  your expertise on a subject takes on the world?  You are the only genius by all means in a particular field like chemistry.   Think what will happen then.  So if it looks bright ask yourself how can you make that happen.  I call it thinking BIG.