What schools failed to create?

Schools are a classic example of mass production of goods with same batch number, identity, degree and no specialty.  Schools mastered the phenomenon of producing graduates at an enormous faster rates creating abundant labor, lack of linchpins, full of complacency and non-experimental workforce.

As we all are seeing economic and environmental disaster unfold before us, it is evident that schools have failed miserably at finding a solution and at best preventing it.  There was a time when if you had an engineering degree you could have easily survived.  But now survival is not enough.  Engineers and doctors are facing the same problems faced by everyone out there.  MBA graduates are working for multinational corporations doing same mistakes and struggling for finances and careers opportunities.

So what is broke.  Our school system is broke and is becoming more and more irrelevant in current times.  The training periods of a new hire in companies are increasing because it turns out that what they learned in school is outdated by the time they start to work.  The famous saying you might have heard, "Schools don't teach you everything."  There are some life lessons which you have to learn on your own.  But the way schools provided education and the way they made students complacent is more evident and exposed than the past.

Schools passed the test of creating students who cannot think different, who will follow the tested path, who will not experiment, who not think out of the box, who lacks true leadership and are average machines producing average stuff.

Schools miserably failed at creating life long leaders who
1) Think Different
2) Lead from the front
3) Manage their own careers
4) Contribute beyond the job manual
5) Work without directions
6) Seek for high standards in everything
7) Can do their art
8) Find innovative solutions to complex problems
9) Are a team player
10) Evolve with time and technology

Change is evident and the only industry unchanged since decades is the education industry.  Looking forward for the revolution in education industry.

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