Friday, July 30, 2010

Active Listening

What would you do if there is conflict between two entities?  How would you solve that?

Seems pretty straight forward.  You will answer that "first listen to both the sides and then react accordingly.

Looking from outside it is so easy to listen both the sides and pay attention to what they are saying.  However it gets difficult when you are one amongst them. 

Emotions get involved, thinking goes on a personal level, Mr. Ego comes right in front, personal differences and as a result: There is no active listening.  And matters get worse. 

When you are actively listening to other person you should not think.  You are just listening to what that person is saying.  Not thinking if that person is right or wrong.  Not thinking whether you are right or wrong.  Not thinking how to knock that person down. 

Most of the people in a conversation don't seem to enjoy the art of listening.  Always trying to figure out when and where can I jump in and prove my point and win an argument.

If you want to solve a conflict then 50% of work is done via Active Listening.