How to make one to-do list that works?

Some to-do lists work better than the other.  Some just don't work.  While some might keep you on track. 
Here are some tricks to make a simple, working and effective to-do lists.

1.) First make one with everything
Make a to-do list of everything that you want to accomplish in one day.  Make a to-do list for a week and for one year too.  But right now if this is your first one, then form for one day.  Developing a habit of making one and sticking to it is important. 

2.) Break it down
After you have formed one, break the to-do list into different sections "Personal, Work, Health, Family".  Don't mix it up.  And please write it down even "to call someone is on your mind" as a to-do list.

3.) Follow the Rule of 3
Don't include more than three things in the list. Our brain cannot remember effectively more than 3 things at a time.  If you have more things to do then schedule it for another day. For example you go to work then write three things that you want to accomplish apart from your daily schedule.  Three things you want to accomplish in your personal life today.

I don't want to emphasize on more than three things to make a to-do list that is effective.  Even if there are more things to be written about making best "to-do lists", I will restrict it to three.  More than three is a crime when you are starting.

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