Why do people tweet?

Is it because of Attention?  Is it because of pride?  So why do people tweet.  Is giving so much time to twitter worth?  Do you think people are paying attention to what you tweet? 

Well according to me it all depends on what's your strategy.  What is your focus and what are you trying to achieve?

I came across the following thought and found it interesting.  It is by Andreas Weigend, a former scientist at Amazon and professor at Stanford.

" Why do people tweet? What is the driver of them spending time doing this? I think it's because they think they have people giving them attention, and they do everything to play with that attention. The reason Twitter works so well is that they don't have a feedback-loop, where people can realize just how little attention they're getting. I'm not saying the system was set up that way deliberately, but it's a very well setup system. People can fool themselves into believing that others are listening, which is not easy in real life. When you're talking to other people on the street and nobody is listening, after a while you sort of have to stop talking. Not so on Twitter."

    Andreas Weigend, former chief scientist at Amazon and currently a professor at Stanford. (Fast Company)

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