Next logical step?

If you graduated from IIT(Indian Institute of Technology) then your next logical step would be to either join R & D of a Fortune 500 or Join MIT for further studies else go to top B-school for your MBA Degree.  You could be even doing research for your own start-up company as well.

What is the next logical step you will take after your graduation? Find a Job or join family business or continue further education.  That is the most obvious step people take in their life.  To do amazing things with your life, your next logical step should be clear and should reflect your personality.

Your each step should be in sync with your brand.  The brand that you have built over these years.  If you believe in what you are doing is correct then the next steps shall eventually fall in.   Doing something contradictory to your brand is harmful and it doesn't fit in your logic. 

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