Where are those expectations?

What one great thing schools brought into our society was to expect you to perform momentarily.  Atleast for India it worked like this, give your children enormous amount of pressure, expect them to do outstandingly well, continuously compare them with others, and keep doing it until they graduate.  When you fail it is even worse.

For many slackers this system pushed them to get through high school and they did ok.  For achievers it pushed them to get better every time.  However the hype and all the drama was restricted till you graduated.  Suddenly nobody cared, it seemed like the silence after a thunder storm.  There were no expectations from you to continuously improve, learn new things and lead.

As long as you were able to feed your family you were good.  No expectations.  The "I don't care attitude", "TGIF mentality", "Oh it is Monday" and everything with comfortable tag comes.  Here is when most damage occurs to a person, society and perhaps the entire country.  The great "Status Quo" guy kicks in.  It prevents you from doing anything.  The downward spiral begins.

Nobody did anything because nobody expected them to do so.  However even in the midst of all this mess there were few parents, motivators, speakers, companies, mentors, teachers who were hard to please. They didn't gave in so easily.  

So work for a company which always expects more from you, expects you get better at what you do, work for a boss who is hard to please and challenges your status quo.

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