Saturday, September 18, 2010

Don't Worry About Bill

Don't worry about money in any case, in whatever you do.  From many years, people have brainstormed us to think about money first.

What will I get if I do this?  What is in for me?  How do I benefit from this?  "I" is always kept at the center of everything.  Some benefits are not impacting "the self" directly.  Intangible benefits are difficult to see.

Of course for a living we need money.  But most people lose their chance to learn something when they keep money at the center of everything.  

For example,  Will you volunteer to teach in a private school for nothing? Will you get $10,000 immediately?  No.  Will you learn public speaking, teaching, presentation, fear?  Hell yeah.

Will you volunteer to sell few concert tickets or products to someone?  Will you get anything?  I doubt.  Will you learn something about "selling"?  Yes more than you can learn in a traditional MBA school.

Stop thinking about money or any kind of benefits if you want to learn something.  In a small firm, you will be paid less no doubt about it.  You share lots of responsibilities and work beyond your job description.  What a learning ! And is there any doubt your resume won't look stunning.

Had it been a multinational company, you will  > Sit in a cubicle > Don't do anything beyond you are told > Don't learn anything > Happily live for the money you get >  Don't expect your life to change dramatically.

Last word : "In life somethings come without a price tag.  You have to grab it."