Everybody will learn but when

Wisdom comes to everybody and everybody will learn life lessons eventually.  Here is an example, you will realize how important relationships (some call it networking) are only after major setbacks or after a certain age.  The cost of one error in your email, your code or a service is realized when you have witnessed people getting fired for that.  Getting to know that ahead in time so that it can be avoided is the challenge civilizations have faced continuously.

The challenge is to pass on that wisdom to as many people as we can and as quickly as we can.  Some have mastered the art of passing it to masses through their leadership, movies, inventions, sports and social work.  One movie can have dramatic impact on people's life and can change culture of countries.  The toughest part of an organization to change: Culture. 

In India movies have been an integral part of its culture.  They are changing the face of the Indian middle class.  People are more open now than in year 1998.  What has created impact in their lives is not age certainly but the way "culture shift" has been depicted in movies, TV Serials, Internet and Education.

All the above mentioned venues where culture shifts happen are being controlled by visionaries and leaders.  These visionaries bring the change to masses if they wish in an un-controlled manner.   When will everybody realize and act in coherence on Green revolution, Food revolution and Education evolution?

Few have envisioned it long before and have started creating communities, tribes and pitching their messages to the world.  The challenge is not on if masses will know or not, but it is when and how faster they will act on it. 

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