It is hard to settle down

Common scenario after people get their first job.  They get settled.  Happily they start adding weight to their lives.  Suddenly everything stops.  Many stop doing the very same things that initially got them there.  It has been working like this because everyone did this.  No wonder.

Few years back life came with a well paying job and then with it you could afford everything.  Opportunities were less and the learning curve was very high.  So for you being a factory worker was very hard to learn two or three new skills.

With the advent of YouTube and such wonderful web technologies it has become very easy to learn new skills.  And with new skills comes many opportunities.  Opportunities that you wouldn't have imagined 10 years back.  Companies don't want people who are know only one skill.  They want people who can do many jobs(because of competition and recession).

So if you can see these opportunities, I bet it is very hard to settle down and do nothing.

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