Manipulation: Game Businesses Play

Most people never think before they start believing into something.  The fear makes them believe in all carefully crafted marketing messages.  The fear of being left alone, fear of doing a mistake, fear of looking dumb and you name it. 

The crowd psychology rules when big brands are playing games with people's foolishness.  Big newspapers, TV Channels, Brands have been making a living out of it since decades.  Its a whole one system at relentless work until it crashes by someone's innovation(Internet, Ipods, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Kindle, Iphone)

People with business background understand these games quickly in one second.   But still their minds stop working when they decide on buying or selling.

Just one game you need to understand businesses play with people's mind.  And it is the game of manipulation.  They are good at manipulating the crowd. 

Crowd is easily manipulative.  Show them an advertisement, a movie, a sports game, a concert in group over and over again.  As much as you can.  Over time they will talk about the only product, the only program and the same movie. 

When they go to buy, their mind is set on the brand and they buy the advertised product.  So simple.  The rule of this game is simple: Find a crowd > Find a Channel to market them > Exploit the channel with no juice left in it > Find a different crowd. 

Imagine this.  One TV Channel,  one network, few programs to see, and the TV is the only thing to watch.  Everybody is watching same commercials, same program and same brands over and over again.  The crowd is helpless but see them and believe them.  This is what happened in the 1980s and 1990s.  People had no choice.  It was so easy to play these games. 

"Now it is becoming harder and harder to manipulate people's mind with ample of choice many channels to market", is what most marketing people would say.  It is partly right and partly wrong.  Not doubt it is harder than before to manipulate.  People whose products used to suck are sucking dust big time.  But the game to manipulate crowd is still on.  The rules haven't changed.

The difference is that the crowd is now divided into many smaller groups.  But the rule is same, Find a crowd > Then channel > Exploit it like anything > Find a different crowd.   And the crowd psychology will do the rest. 

Crowd has no mind.  Only thing that works in crowd is Fear.  And an individual in a crowd fears of being left alone. 

Think twice before you decide.

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