Why Sundays should have all the Fun?

Sunday = Fun-day everyone know this and is on their mouth.  The "no-tension" day declared by collective social intelligence of people.  Why and how has this happened?  Any guesses?  Because usually lots of playfull activities are associated with a "Sunday".  Since you were a child you played several games and those memories are still alive.

Moreover, you want to do nothing, just sit and relax.  You want to do your favorite things on a Sunday.  Suddenly "Monday comes and all fun is gone", why? Nobody knows.  How about changing things we do on a Monday?

For example, let's do our favorite things at work, lets take some time to add some playfulness.  How about converting your meeting with your boss into a little bit fun.  Can you think of some games?  Are you continuously working?  Then how about taking some frequent breaks to get back with full energy.

Do what you do on Sunday, everyday and there shall you see enthusiasm.  Do things you love and after all why Sundays should have all the fun.  lets' make everyday a fun day.

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