The Best Thank You Ever

If you want to say a thank you to someone for something then here is the best one.  To me it is the most wise statement to someone whom you care or don't care is thank you.  And the best one is this one.

The good part of this thank you is that it works on both the parties, the good and the bad.  Well guess what bad people have helped you more than the good ones.  Have you ever met a bad boss?  If yes then did you learn from him what you would not do if you were the boss.

Had a fight with a friend?  Didn't it made you think what you should not have done?  I guess in that case both good and bad people deserve a thank you.

Here is it.

"THANK YOU, for being yourself"

That's it.  If the other person is enjoying seeing you in pain then trust me, you are learning a tough lesson through that person.  An enemy will teach you life's toughest lessons sometimes. 

And to those who are already good will respect you for showering such words of praise.  For me this has worked greatly.  Whenever I am stressed or had a good day or a bad day with someone, this is what I used to tell them.

"THANK YOU, for being yourself."

And guess what, I tell them please continue to do that.  I helps me to advance in my career.

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