Have you ever faced this?  You are driving on the wrong road and you have no clue where you are heading towards.  Or you know where you are going but not sure whether that path will lead you towards your destiny.  You realize it later that you were way off your target.  Of course when somebody showed you the way. 

Many times you would have regretted that asking someone earlier might have saved you a lot of time.  Our entire perspective changes when some is there to guide us.   I would have been a different person if somebody would have shown me importance of top notch Universities.

Smart technologies have handed over to us smart devices like GPS enabled phone that provide us directions.  But what we will do when we are alone trying to solve a life quest.  How long will you continue on a path that you are less confident about?

It is OK to ask anybody at any point no matter how late you are.  By not asking, you are just delaying the confrontation of your foolishness to yourself.  

Sometimes you might have to ask often.

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