Fine Line Of Separation

Cross one line and I doubt they will spare you.    That is how it works at country borders.  Want to see?  Go on Youtube and see.

Result of Crossing such border is definite:  Jail or Dead.  In our daily lives we do not have the guts to draw a line between two extremes.  It is because of failure to visualize the extreme immediately.

There is a fine line which one should not cross.  You could be inches away before you disrupt someone's privacy.  One click on a button and you could share you entire life with someone whom you don't know on  a social network. 

One tweet can land you in trouble.  Some lines are not meant to be crossed - socially, professionally and ethically.  A person at the bar should know when he should stop drinking before he gets out of control. 

It is actually very tough not to get distracted by the attraction.  To stay aligned, experienced individuals have formed rules.  Those rules have to be followed. 

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