Is Education A Painful Experience?

A person with $40,000 to $50,000 in student loans to repay with an average job will definitely think twice whether to send his child to school.  And quality of education provided in public institutions is degrading than ever before.  The relevancy has gone.

By the time you graduate what you have learned becomes outdated.  Again you have to undergo training or learn new stuff.  Higher education is becoming expensive every year and relevancy is going down.  Student loan will become expensive there is no doubt about it.  And getting a job that pays well is again a pain.  All in all it creates a painful experience in one's life. 

The whole education system is a big failure.  It is not just one sided problem.  Everyone is responsible for it.  And no wonder one day a technology company would revolutionize it.  When I think of a beautiful experience then I don't want to think of that product at all.  For example when you go to a movie theater if it is well designed it will get out of your way to give you the perfect experience.  You will be in the director's world entirely.  

That is how I want an Educational institution.  Once a product is built it shouldn't go back to manufacturing plant for repairs.  If you have an education from a premier institute then you will never have to worry about your life.   Student's from IITs and MIT are great learning individuals.  They are all set.  Do they have to worry about student loans?  About Job? I don't think so. 

I am not a person to sit aside and do nothing about it.  I want to revolutionize the whole system or at least be a part of it.  And I have taken my first step in this direction with my very first job.

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