Leadership Is Everything To A Family

Leadership is the ultimate form of marketing.  It is a hard earned skill.  There are many groups and organizations created every single day.  How many of them are active?  In my school life, I have seen organizations flourish under a charismatic leader.  And no wonder same organizations failed under a literally bad leadership. 

A flock of sheep will go where ever the first sheep goes.  The rest of them will follow.  View leadership from a parent's perspective.  A father or a mother takes care of his/her child irrespective of child's intelligence.  A father advises his children irrespective of their age.  A new born baby does not have a voice.  It learns what ever the parent teaches. 

A leader takes care of his organization like a father.  He is everything to the organization.  A father acts like a mentor, a friend, a teacher, and hero to a family.  A leader should have all these qualities.   Do you see all these qualities in your boss or the company president?  When we compare an organization to a family it becomes more personal. 

A family is something in which everyone is close to each other.  Everyone cares about each other.  Should a father neglect one son over the other?  Then why a leader's focus is often shifted from few products or departments in a company. 

In a newly formed organization there is a significant need for parenting.  Lots of mentoring and structuring is required.  Once they grow then parents have little control over them.  A family succeeds purely on the basis of leader's vision and principles. 

Like a father, a leader is everything to a company.  He has to assume different roles at different times to solve multiple problems.  To me a charismatic leader should be viewed as a "Superman". 

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