Platform Is The King

In today's world, those companies which own the platform will win the battle(make cash).  Think if you owned radio you could broadcast any song you wanted right.  You can allow any advertisement you want.  Similarly, companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google they own a platform and they are able to attract lots of eye balls.  And so many companies are willing to pay them to show their ads on their platform.   

So are companies like Amazon with Kindle, Apple with iphone, ipad, and Google with Android phone able to attract advertisers.  They have an advantage because they have an asset(platform).  They can change the rules of the game whenever they want.  You don't want to wage a war who buys ink by the barrel. 

All this discussion is good but how does this impact us and how can we benefit from it.  Many ways actually.  If you imagine yourself as an advertiser then you can own multiple billboards and charge companies to show their ads on your platform. If you are an event organizer you too own a platform.  You don't have to be only an internet company to have a platform. 

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