Skill Brings Money

Now you may argue that not every skill will bring money.  True and false.  Every skill comes with a price tag.  Some skills may not fetch you quarter but dime.  While some may even earn you $100,000 a year. 

It doesn't matter where you start from.  The rules of the game are still the same.  "Make some and save some.  Save some and invest some".

What matters is which skills will you choose to jump from one price tag to another and how much faster.  On the way how will you change yours and others life will matter.

You could be mopping a floor as a janitor in a hospital.  But still you have the potential to become the best nurse.  Save some money for school and get away with a degree.  Do it again and improve.

It is always one step after another.  And with each step you learn and earn.  You make and you save.  I don't know why this doesn't make sense to everyone.  And it is not a wonder why there aren't many billionaires. 

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