Sugar A Status Symbol ! Really !

Sugar a symbol of status ! Really !   In the seventeenth century sugar was an item of luxury and it was considered as a status symbol.   It was very expensive item and of course the technology didn't existed to mass produce sugar from sugar cane.

Suddenly they started producing more and more sugar flooding the market.  So prices decreased.  And sugar was added to everything into coffee, tea, dairy products etc.  It was turned into a necessity.   I was surprised to read this and you should read this Sugar turned into a necessity.

For more people to consume sugar they started promoting benefits of sugar.  Middle class also started consuming because a luxury item then was now affordable and they started consuming sugar like anything.

Coming back to 2010 if you just walk into a super market you will see thousands of products which have ample of sugar.  It is enough to make you diabetic.  Guys any second guesses to why obesity and diabetes is increasing in 21st century than before.

Sugared and flavored milk, sugar coated cereals, sweet bread, chocolates ..........come on do we need sugar in everything.  When shall we market sugar as a non-status symbol?  Is diabetes your current status? Perhaps not how about your friends?

My father is diabetic and I saw him suffering since my childhood.  I am talking about early nineties when I heard only my dad being affected by it.  In recent years I am hearing many people, my relatives and friends getting diabetes.  So clearly it is alarming as it is increasing.

Jamie Oliver who won Ted Prize in 2010 for his work in the food industry says,

 "How can you say something is low-fat when it's full of so much sugar?"  See his TED talk 

Is there a need to celebrate Halloween, Easter, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Thanks Giving with TONS OF Chocolates

If you really think yes then why not just hand out boxes and boxes of sugar?   

According to Oliver’s statistics, diet-related disease – cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke and diabetes – constitute the main causes of death (in fact the top three, with diabetes coming in sixth) in the U.S. Some two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese, says Oliver, largely due to the salt, sugar and fat in processed foods.

Read more at Suite101: Chef Jamie Oliver Wins 2010 TED Prize: That’s $100,000 And A Wish 

Sugar a status symbol ?  Really ?  I don't think so.

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