Why Steve Jobs Rejects Most Of Good Ideas?

 If you are an Apple fan then you know by now that Steve Jobs rejects many good ideas.  He accepts only those ideas which are right for the company and for the customers.  He acts like a filter.  No doubt he is tough to impress.

In this article I am trying to draw an analogy why he rejects many ideas.  And I could be wrong but I thought lets give it a try.

Every day millions of people come up with brilliant ideas.  The moment they thought that idea, they were in a stimulus mode.  So excited, they could not think about anything else but execute it.  They think if they delay it someone else will take away their idea.(Apple's Iphone versions are always behind wireless standards, 3G and 4G not out yet).  So they rush to ship it.

As a result they ship a product with lots of flaws and there comes tons of customer complains.  Without knowing the rules of the game they just want to play it and see themselves win.   They are under the influence of drug (here it is an idea)

Under the influence of drug a person cannot think of what is right and wrong.  A stimulating idea has such a potential.  It will make you blind.  Even the entire product team and a company can go wrong.   There you need a visionary a leader who is not affected by the drug.

When all of your friends are partying and drinking, it is advised one person should not drink.  Because it is unsafe to drink and drive.   If you do then no wonder you will crash.  Here Steve Jobs is in the driving seat of Apple and everyone behind him in the car are drunk.  Drunk with potential ideas ready to ship.

Steve is in no hurry to ship.  Yes but he is in a hurry to explore, to learn and to innovate.

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