One Hour Lunch

Your entire perspective can change after meeting a person with high ranks of wisdom.  He could be your mentor or a business leader.  It is so amazing to have one on one conversation for one hour.  It is personal, relevant and specific.  In other words from a mentor's perspective, this also means, "For one hour my attention is yours.  Ask whatever you want, listen to what I have to say and how can I help you."  It is not possible to have this kind of conversation in an email or phone.

Last week, I met with my mentor and it was exactly for one hour we met.  To my surprise I found out that he was booked for more than one month for lunch.  That was great.  I learned that leaders are always open for building great relationships and are open to mentor someone.  Just ask for it.

These meetings are not about giving your sales pitch or think about how to impress that person.  These meetings are mostly about building some great relationships.  Build now, ask later.   Just think if you are going to meet with your friend at lunch then what will you talk?  You will talk mostly about daily routine and some interesting topics which both of you like.  These meetings also follow the same protocol.   Just be personal, be human, talk something that interests both of you and be humble.

You never know when and how that person will be helpful.

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