Great Blogs Are Not Built By One Big Shot

Great Blog such as Seth Godin's Blog, TechCrunch and BoingBoing were not transformed into great blogs in just one big shot.  Big Shot means one big blog post, one guest appearance, one guest post or by using a great platform.  Those great blogs gained momentum step by step using one simple formula, "Keep Shipping, Continuous Improvement,  Great Leadership and Thinking Differently".

Keep Shipping
All the great blogs if you see, they are still shelling out their creativity at regular intervals from the time they launched.  They never gave up and always challenged their status quo to ship their posts.  Once you build up an audience, they need the meat to consume.  If you don't provide it somebody else will provide it.  And as a result the birds will fly away.

Continuous Improvement
With each blog post they improved and pushed their boundaries.  They have shown improvement in the way they market their blogs, way they use their technology and the platform, way they engage their audience.  Their user growth is a proof of them improving.

Great Leadership
It is a philosophy in they believed in.  If you are in charge of writing an article then you are responsible for leading a tribe of people who are interested in reading about that topic.  You have to show stewardship.  They show them the direction.  And after all social media is about leadership.

Thinking Differently
If you felt that some of their blog posts you didn't liked then were trying something different to experiment.  Everybody thinks different but few think differently.  Of course we are not the same people so our minds are different and we think different.  But the way we think, the way we ask questions to hidden problems makes a difference.  

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