Have You Heard Of Founder's Syndrome?

A Good company with a great founder achieves great success.  As soon as the founder leaves the company, the company growth and success take a downward path.  All that company achieved was due to that founder.  Personality traits of the founder can be easily seen in the company's culture.  This is what is founders' syndrome. 

I experienced this last year when I was president of organization.  All my laziness I could literally see in my organization.  When I was active, work was getting done and when I was not active, work didn't get done.  Over time you discover how to overcome those pitfalls and how to manage people on the basis of principles and not self directed visions.

Founder's syndrome can be overcome if we can focus on building something great and building a great future, where we all want to be.  We can be cured of founders' syndrome if we have the right people on the bus.  

Even in family we can see traits of founder's syndrome.  If one person is wrong we can see the whole family repeating the same mistakes.  Some families are able to come out of it and they are able to create a better future.  As a founder do we have control over this syndrome.  Yes we do have.  We can gift an organization with a vision for the future which is great and simultaneously makes sense.

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