As rightly said by Seth Godin (link), "If I think its broken, then its broken".  So it is broken even if you think something is broken by design.

Today I tried to pay my credit card ( issued by a retailer not a bank) bill and frustrated by the experience I tried to voice my feelings.  I couldn't even register my card for first time to login into their site.  Unless you contact someone it is impossible to get into their site.  Ridiculous!

It seems that they want us to buy but don't want us to pay and then pay the late fees.  Why companies don't learn lessons from other companies who have already done it?  If other company is providing better service and getting better customer satisfaction then isn't it obvious that you do the same.

Whenever you see something is broken, there lies the opportunity.  It is up to the person who can see this opportunity.  Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Atlantic, saw that Airlines provides poor service and envisioned that he could do it better.  He built a multi-billion dollar business around this philosophy, "provide the very best customer service".

If you see then lots of things are broken and can be improved.

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