The Equivalent Of Experience In A Resume

While searching for job last year, I was puzzled to see job postings with 5 to 8 years of experience.  I thought and dreamed that if I had such a wonderful experience on my resume I could do wonders and I would be a rock star and this and that.  And I thought, "How could I have experience if I never worked.?"

After seeing the other side and going through the process, I felt that experience is not the only thing that matters in a job interview.  Today many companies consider your own work or your projects as significant experience.  If you have skills you can prove and if you have built something, experience can sit on the side.

If your resume lacks experience, then here are few things I recommend doing which would be considered as equivalent of experience.

1.) Search up relevant opportunities suitable to your portfolio in the community where you can work.
2.) Do what you love and build a solid portfolio.  Want a sales job? Go help a fund raiser.  Want to be a web developer - build some community websites.  Project by project build an excel sheet of projects you have completed.  
3.) Become a Master at what you do.  If you are a master at your domain, then who cares about experience.
4.) If you are able to prove your skills then thats the key.  You can prove them by certification, a portfolio, professional recommendations, community engagement and expertise.

I think the term experience should never be a determinant factor when you have to hire a person with skills sets.

The term "Experience" should be replaced by keywords such as "Track Record", "Projects Delivered".

Experience is required in different kinds of positions but sometimes companies over use the word experience and make bad hires.

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