On Writing

Many can do fantastic job at coding, drawing, cooking, and you name it.  But few of them are able to also write about it.  And even few of them are good at public speaking (I will talk on speaking later).

Writing is very essential to a person's eternal growth.  I have found that many go crazy if I force them to even try to write on something they love.  I know it is not their game but I never told them to become journalists either.  A para here and there at least once a year would have certainly improved them.

Writing will help you professionally by leaps and bounds sooner or later.  Hoping to realize immediate gains from writing is a wrong strategy and waste of time.  I read online last week that engineers fret on something they cannot measure.  So I feel that we all have engineers mentality somewhere hidden, which means we resist doing something whose output we cannot measure immediately.

Volunteering to write a meeting's agenda or meeting minutes is something  you can do immediately.   When you start participating in online communities your writing skills will be measured.  Fragmentation is on the rise and it is likely that you will find an online community of your interest.  And engaging with the community will require good writing skills.

Our everyday thoughts shape us what we are today.  We evolve over time and we cannot remember each and every single thought that came to us 10 years back.  But we had written them down we could have just seen how we used to think in those days.  What mattered the most then and what matters the most now we could have measured.  But this is hard labor and doing it consistently over time is what scares the hell out of people.

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