There Are Lots Of People Around Us

This is an interesting place to live because of people around us.  And there are billions of them around us.  Our family, our friends, our colleagues and strangers are all around us.  They shape our lives.  We fight with them.  We love them. And we might just ignore most of them.

They are just people.  It is their actions that make them good or bad, friends or enemies.  It is very interesting to see how knowingly or unknowingly we make judgments about them and their actions.  And our perception about them is largely formed by our own thoughts and reasoning.  Which really bothers me, because this prevents us to know them better.

My argument in this post is simple:  Don't try to form judgments about any individuals.  Just deal with people as a customer representative on a daily basis.  People come and they go.  They will remember you if you treat them and make them feel well.  They will not remember what you said to them or what you did.  But they will never forget how you made them feel.  And if you make them feel important then they will care for you. 

And as I said "There are lots of people around us".  If you feel you have made mistakes in life, don't worry, start all over again.  There are still more people who can make a difference in  your life.  More people more opportunities are created every single day.  Open up.

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