Common Sense Can Be Misleading

A 6' inch sandwich worth $4.25 or 12' inch foot long sandwich worth $5.00, which one will you buy?  As common sense dictates that we should buy something which is the best deal.  And the best deal is to get more with less.  The above option tempts you to go with 12' inch choice since it gives you more at a better price.  Most people choose the later option.  But this is a no brainer according to me.  This is all price gimmick.  They definitely make enough money in both the cases.  This is a trick to make us consume more.  I used to fall in this trap and even I have done it many times, only to realize later after adding inches on my belly.

If we go with the above common sense and buy the 12'inch sandwich then it is like consuming double the fat content by paying just $0.75 extra.  This is totally misleading.  Indirectly companies are promoting us to over consume and simultaneously making us think that we made a smart choice.  However, it is actually not.  To make conscious choices in life you would have to forgo your common sense sometimes and believe in what you are, what you need and what is in your best interest.  A conscious health decision I now take before buying any food from restaurants is to consume less no matter it is at a higher price.  I buy only what I can consume and be content, even if it I have to pay more for less.

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