Sunday, February 13, 2011

Why Can't People Decide Or Take Action?

Why can't people decide or take action, for something they want to do, for something they believe is true?  Yes that's my question.  What is going on in people's mind that causes periods of indecision?  You are mentoring someone and giving all the signals, information that should lead to decision.  But still that someone can't decide.  What lacks here?  Where is the gap?

For example,  I told my friend the importance of going to a premier institute and then he should only apply and go for those universities to study.  I gave an over all perspective of how thing can change if he chooses to go a top university.  But once I left, it was all the same.  They aren't motivated and they hesitant to take a major decision.

The biggest reason I believe is confidence.  People lack self-confidence.  To take a giant leap towards something that they have never achieved or never tried before they, it takes lot of self confidence.  Self-confidence cannot come from even thousand sessions of class room exercise or one on one coaching.  Self confidence comes from action. And it is built over time by doing it over and over again.  

Sometimes confidence can come from a personal tragedy, natural calamity, or even from a combined effort of a team.  Imagine some one who has survived from a life threating disease struggling and by not giving up.  What would be the confidence level in that person?  He might feel, "If I can fight this, I can do this".

Confidence is nothing but a feeling that repeatedly says, "I can do it, No matter whatever happens, I will make it happen.  Not even I can prevent myself from doing this".    People can decide and take action if they have confidence.