Take One Step Back And Go Two Forward

When we continue to do our daily work with almost exact precision it becomes a routine.  And when it becomes a routine we keep doing some things even if they doesn't make sense after some time.  I am re-thinking everything about my blog right now.  Few months ago, I had fallen into the trap of writing it everyday and it became a routine for me.  I would open the editor and start writing whatever I liked.  Now I am falling back(as you might have noticed infrequent posts from me) and I am thinking of taking a step back.  Taking a step back to re-think few key issues about blogging.

Writing everyday is not difficult, in fact after continuous practice you can do it almost flawlessly and you will even get ideas frequently.  The challenge is to do something different and in a big way which pushes the limits.  Since few days I am thinking to write with more substance and more research(noticed the Learning in a Digital Age Series).   Ya ! I heard you saying that you liked the smaller format of my blogs so that you can read them in a short time.  I agree to that.  In fact that is what makes me blog and you read.  The format of JOURNEY blog will still stay the same.  But it would be more researched and well thought of.

In terms of difference, I want to experiment with different forms of blogging which would be interesting.  For example, Podcasts(I know I am late to the party), You Tube Video posts, presentations and pictures.  The reason to take this decision is it will take me and the blog two steps forward in the future.  And also it would take the community a step ahead.  Oh did I said community.  Yeah now you can participate in comments sections.  So what do you think? You can comment using your Facebook credentials.

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