Success Factor: Showing Up

In most successful people's case it was just a matter of showing up on time.  Just show up.  Some of the famous bloggers and blogs are successful because they always showed up.  They kept shipping.  Even when they sucked at it.  I have blogged before on shipping read this "Born to ship".  If you suck at whatever you do and if you keep doing it then eventually you will realize how much you suck at it and you will try to find ways to improve.  After writing so many articles and posts when I look back at older posts, I realize how bad I was at writing.  Some posts don't make any sense right now but they had to go out.  Facebook believes in, "Done is better than perfect" philosophy.  If you can recall the first generation Kindle device you will say it sucked big time compared to what it is now.  Amazon is relentless in pursuing their ideas.  They are not going back or stop.  New versions of Kindles which are better, faster and lighter will show up during the holiday season with more content and more choice.  So just show up.  Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn is often quoted saying,

  "If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late."


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