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Know Your Food And Do the Right Thing

Eating healthy is expensive, stupid, foolish, and makes no sense to a person barely making enough money to meet the ends.  Yes, eating healthy and maintaining healthy habits has a cost associated with it.  It only depends on when you want to pay for the cost and in what form.  Food that is cheap and easily available is the most tempting one.  It has hidden cost associated with it in the long run.  It also requires time and effort to learn about the food you eat.  The more you are aware the better choices you will make.  A non-organic milk gallon will cost little under $3 depending upon where you buy.  And an organic milk gallon will cost you more than $6.  It requires guts and a conscious effort to make the right choice.  It might even look stupid to make such a choice when you are shopping with your friend(s).  Eating healthy and making healthy choices don't come easy.  A  person who is trying to save will definitely go for the non-organic milk.

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