3 ways to get more ideas

3 Dead simple rules and they are very simple to get maximum ideas out from you.   I am 100% sure these will work for you.  But you got to be fearless.  You have to be fearless from everything - your own judgment towards your own ideas even if they are right or wrong.   Fearless from others judgment and fearless from the outcome of the acceptance of your idea.  And fearless people are creative.  I will share 3 simplest rules to get more ideas with you.  So here is the first one.

Rule no 1: Ship your existing products first.
Answer this utterly simple question : Can you eat more if your stomach is already full?  I don't mind if you want to stack more food on top of it.  But the answer is you cannot dump anything in an already full garbage can.  Right.  You have to empty your brain.  You have to get it out.   For a new idea to get into your brain you have to ship your existing ones first.

 By shipping your ideas, I meant publish your blog post, write articles, tell others about what you think, document your product design, write your marketing campaign or storyboard your future.  By shipping it means you have to empty your warehouse(your brain).

Rule no 2: Find relevant customers for your product.
If you are new get this one very clear.  You cannot please everyone at first.  You simply won't be able to.  Don't try to sell your idea to everyone.  It is a stupid mistake.  Find relevant people who care about what you believe in, who want to be listened, who want to be sold on your idea and those relevant people will bring in more and more.  You cannot sell a Boeing airliner to a person who cannot afford it.  It is as simple as it is.

By customers, you could be selling your ideas in a blog post to hundreds of thousands of people on the net.  You could be telling the fascinating story of a car crash survival to your friend.  You can document your ideas in a book.  You can sell your idea to a customer through a book, website, blog, podcast, pictures or even youtube. 

Rule no 3: That's it there is no rule no. 3
Yes, absurd it may sound but there is no rule no. 3.  So how can these two rule be sufficient to get more ideas.  Once you have sold your product what do you think your factory workers are going to do?  Sit Idle, certainly not right.  They will be on to next thing.  It is a repetitive cycle.  If you have existing inventory of ideas in your factory(brain) then your workers will be preoccupied with ideas and they won't know what to do with them.  As a result, they will be frustrated and will create chaos.

If there is nothing then there is an urge to create something.  I don't want you to believe in me certainly not.  I want you believe in the reasoning behind this.

Take a pen and paper.  Write down three ideas that you are fascinated the most about.  Leave them as it is and come back after an hour or so.   Read them and think if you can write down another three.  Do you think you could have written all 6 at once?  Don't keep your ideas in the air but write them down.

In all this process you have to accept all your ideas as they are.  They could be weird, bad, ugly, nice, beautiful, plain, simple, not exciting, ridiculous, awesome, superb, sorry, oh it like it or simply great.  You have to acknowledge each and every one of them.

Get started dear reader.  Empty your brains, make room for new ideas,  spread your ideas, new ones will come automatically.       

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