How to find everything?

How some people just find about everything they are looking for?

They can find anything in Google. In real life too there are many people who get what they want.

It depends in our approach and how we look at a problem or a task. I try to correlate virtual world with real world.

Our lives reflect almost the same way we do search online. What you do if you don't find something? You will ask some one right.

If you don't find anything on Google, user other search engines, ask someone in forums, blogs, websites, place a comment, tweet about it, find user groups online or help them if you know.

Our real life is no different. If you don't find anything look for help. Ask some one who knows about it friends, your boss, family, a commuter or a professor.

Find people of similar interest groups, connect with them, ask them questions, find more people, build a network, call them or just help them.

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