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The Only Resource

God gave us one resource equally to all of us in this world. And that resource is Time. Isn't that been mentioned thousands and millions of times that "Time is equal to Money". But lets face it how many people take it seriously?

Well some people do care and so they stand out of the crowd. Some jam pack their daily schedule to do as much as possible(Workalcholics). Where some do little and free up their schedule. Some people try to do same work every day while some try out differnt things everyday.
So Have you done something different today than what you did yesterday? Yes we all do different things. It is that choice of doing something different in a given time sets us apart. If you ask a group of people like "what would you do in your FREE time?". Just observe the different answers you get.
Some will choose to do Facebooking, Listen to music, watch video, watch TV, play games, spend time with family, spend some time alone, read books, meet people, write a blog…

What is Magic anyway?

What is a Magic anyway?   Magic to most of us is a Godly skill that a normal human being cannot, and does not possess.  When you think of magic which names comes to your mind instantaneously?  Harry Houdini and David Blaine are the names that are associated with word "world famous magicians".

We need to redefine the word "Magic".  It is skill practiced by people who are highly focused, determined, passionate and practiced it millions of times.  And yes they love doing it.  Now think again, the names associated with such a skills.   The number of names increases certainly.

Magic is done every day, and every second in our life.   Steve Jobs, founder of Apple company, practiced his skill of presenting great ideas a million times.  He does magic, Changed an entire Industry.   Michael Jackson practiced the famous Moon walk a million times.  He did magic, Changed an entire Industry.  A mother makes bread every single day with equal devotion and love, to feed her childre…

5 Things to learn from a Sales Representative

Sales representative sell products and services but we need to sell our IDEAS.  Ideas that are more important than anything else in the world.


Sales reps know they have to run back and forth, city to city and door to door to make the sales call.  Because the stakes are really high.  They cannot afford to be unhealthy.  Its helps them focussed and motivated.


There is a very simple fact associated with being energetic. Would you buy a product from a person who sounds dull, and feels dizzy about everything? No, you will not. They need to convince.  If energy level is high enough you are more likely to buy.  They need a lot of energy as they have to keep up with their sales target.

It requires unprecedented amount of energy to pull off a great deal from the entire sales force. The level of energy in some of the leading sales managers is unending.


Extrovert, Extrovert and Extrovert and hundreds of times sales reps are referred as extroverts. Why leading sales reps…

Why 99% Ideas Fail ?

Every once in a while our IDEAS Fail. In 21st century it is very important to sell you IDEA.  You might do a sales presentation to a company, launch new product, or a new service.  Your idea could be anything.  It could be even convincing your children to work hard.  It could be convincing your partners to a new business IDEA.  Hence it is very important to know why IDEAS fail. 

I have prepared a presentation on Why 99% Ideas fail.

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What do you want to FOCUS on ? Tony Robbins

Every once in a while we get distracted. Distracted by Facebook, Distracted by work, by shopping, by movies, by accidents, and as a result; There is Lack of Focus.

And remember, this is going to increase every single day.  Focus is the key to become a master at any skill.  Without Focus you cannot concentrate on your Goal.  With this very basic idea you can achieve almost anything you want.

Toni Robbins, a great public speaker and an serial entrepreneur has told this millions of times to millions of people.  He argues that in this 21st century you have to DECIDE on things that you want to FOCUS.  And what you want to DO about it.

Here is a video featured on TED. Enjoy this video and Stay Focused.

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Fail Frequency

What is your Fail Frequency?  It is not a very complex thought.  After all a frequency is simply the number of occurrences of an event in a unit time. 

Fail Frequency is nothing but the number of times you failed in your life till now.  How many times have you failed?  We learn from our failures, others failures and system failures.

The more we fail, the more we succeed.  Abraham Lincoln lost the presidential election twice and until 42 years of age he was considered a failure. 

The fear of failure is preventing you from doing remarkable things.  The fear haunts you all the time.  If you have failed once then next time you will not worry about it.  Work hard and be open to criticisms.  We learn from our critics. 

Our best friend is a one who give us honest criticism and not the one who appreciates our mistakes.  The more often you do something the better you get at it.  The chances of failure will reduce and you will eventually succeed.  The key to success is persistent effort.

Getting Started

What stops you from doing anything?  Are you waiting for the right idea or the perfect plan?    If you are, then you are wasting your time.

Seeking out for perfection is desirable but if that stops you from moving ahead then think again.

Think in terms of versions like Guy Kawasaki.  If you have a product ready then just roll it out.  Eventually your customers will live with it.  If you have an idea, then just roll it out.  At least document it.

And learn as you go, the Google way.  Get maximum feedback from customers and improve only those features that demand more.  CEO of CISCO, John Chambers tells that "If you ask your customers then they will exactly tell you what to do."

There was never a perfect way to do things in life.  Believe in continuous improvement.  Take firm and definitive actions. Don't let your idea go away.(How not to lose any idea?)

Just do it.  If you want to start a job then build your version one of resume first and a rough one quickly and then im…

You cannot afford

You cannot afford to be a passive listener in the 21st century.  If you are a passive listener you will not retain what you are listening.  Just like in class room if you are not allowed to talk and not participate you will not retain what you are learning. That's what used to happen before you were not allowed to talk in classroom. 

If you do not talk to your neighbor in business, then more than likely your business will fail.  That holds true in every case.  If you do not talk to you neighbor in your classroom you will realize how important his/her thoughts were.   

Why Top Business School Graduates are so successful?  One of the reason is they learn from their peers' contribution in the class room, in the business world and in life.

The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs by Carmine Gallo

If you have an iphone, you will like this. If you have an ipod, you will like this. If you have an aspire to be like Steve Jobs, you will like this. I found this very compelling and inspiring. Hope you will like it.

Recently I was surfing on GigaOm and I saw this very compelling presentation made by Carmine Gallo, that reflects his bestselling communications book "The Presentation secrets of Steve Jobs: how to be insanely great in front of any audience".

The Presentation Secrets of Steve JobsView more presentations from Carmine Gallo.

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Creativity and Play

Why Kids are so creative? How come they have so many ideas? How can they imagine crazy and wacky ideas?

The single most reason is that they don't care. They simply don't care about the judgment of their Ideas. Whereas adults do care about the judgment of their ideas by their peers.

Children incorporate playful activities in their daily life. Children love to play. Whereas most adults restrict themselves playing sports or with different objects. Children love to play with objects we use daily.

Children have access to most of the art accessories while they go to school. Whereas when they grow they loose access to glue stick, pencils, colors, tapes, drawing boards and more. So Children love to create and adults don't.

These and similar concepts Tim Brown Chief Executive Officer of IDEO, a firm with more than fortune 500 clients seeks design ideas, argues in this below embedded video featured on I would rather call Tim as Chief Experience Officer of IDEO.

If you like …