Getting Started

What stops you from doing anything?  Are you waiting for the right idea or the perfect plan?    If you are, then you are wasting your time.

Seeking out for perfection is desirable but if that stops you from moving ahead then think again.

Think in terms of versions like Guy Kawasaki.  If you have a product ready then just roll it out.  Eventually your customers will live with it.  If you have an idea, then just roll it out.  At least document it.

And learn as you go, the Google way.  Get maximum feedback from customers and improve only those features that demand more.  CEO of CISCO, John Chambers tells that "If you ask your customers then they will exactly tell you what to do."

There was never a perfect way to do things in life.  Believe in continuous improvement.  Take firm and definitive actions. Don't let your idea go away.(How not to lose any idea?)

Just do it.  If you want to start a job then build your version one of resume first and a rough one quickly and then improve it from continuous feedback.  Your business idea will change numerous times until it finally shapes in.

Don't let anything come your way and just get started.  You have to decide and take an action.

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