5 Things to learn from a Sales Representative

Sales representative sell products and services but we need to sell our IDEAS.  Ideas that are more important than anything else in the world.


Sales reps know they have to run back and forth, city to city and door to door to make the sales call.  Because the stakes are really high.  They cannot afford to be unhealthy.  Its helps them focussed and motivated.


There is a very simple fact associated with being energetic. Would you buy a product from a person who sounds dull, and feels dizzy about everything? No, you will not. They need to convince.  If energy level is high enough you are more likely to buy.  They need a lot of energy as they have to keep up with their sales target.

It requires unprecedented amount of energy to pull off a great deal from the entire sales force. The level of energy in some of the leading sales managers is unending.


Extrovert, Extrovert and Extrovert and hundreds of times sales reps are referred as extroverts. Why leading sales reps are able to make up their sales target and take millions of dollars in annual compensation? Because to get new leads (new customer information) from existing customer you have to think outside your firm (you).

You have to go that extra mile and help your customers in any way possible. Sometimes those things could be even non-business related.

Follow up

Sales reps are very good at following up. If they have committed to a task they will follow up. In business and life it’s even more important to follow up on things that we might feel is unimportant. It could be a commitment to a friend for a dinner or help, to a co-worker on some task or to your family.


If you are given a target to achieve a gigantic sales target with limited resources, all you can do is give up or fire up some muscles. You got to be aggressive and get going. Sales representatives need to be aggressive.

Since sales representatives are trained to sell their company's products.  However we need to learn a big deal from them.  We sell ourselves everyday. We try to sell our IDEAS every single day and every single minute.  

Remember the stakes are really very HIGH and you cannot afford to lose.  

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