Write it down now

Are you keeping track of your ideas?   Can you recall those wonderful ideas you had once in the past about the future?  Did you ever had this feeling? "You see I had this concept while I was young."

Our mind thinks amazing and crazy ideas everyday and of which some are really revolutionary.  But the average mass don't write them down.  People when confronted to write they hated to write even a single line forget about pages about a product concept or new marketing idea. 

It might seem impractical to write down every small idea some of them could be really crazy ones.  But the catch is you need only one to hit the home run, only one big idea to get promotion, one great idea to get you job or your next marketing idea.

Because they might be not practical now but in the future everything is a possibility.  You could be the first person in your company to come up with a new project concept. You can either become the darling of your organization, next generation leader with a vision for the future whom people will follow.

Carry a pen, an ipod, phone, piece of paper anything where you can store your ideas and then re-touch them.  This is an age of Ideas and you cannot afford to lose an idea.  And Idea can change your life.  Ideas that spread wins.  If you have a great idea while reading this post then write it down.

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