Wednesday, June 16, 2010

All I wanted was a small help

A genuine help was all I wanted from a customer service, but I was bombarded with all those questions and marketing messages.  I don't want to hear what they have to offer when I am not interested.  Why keep me on unnecessary hold and play those unwanted, monotonous marketing pitches? 

When somebody calls you for a help what you start thinking off.  What am I going to benefit?  What is in there for me?  So you then start offering help clubbed with some kind of personal marketing message to it.  Stop. 

When people want help then simply provide them with what they want.  Don't bother about whether that person will pay you back.  The culture of gift system will cause that person to reverberate.  So don't think when someone is asking for a help.  Just help it out.  The more you give the more you get. 

Check this funny customer video.

 Thank You Rachana for handing out helping hand with your art.