Have High Standards

I got an email from my very old friend over the last week.  He wanted to get more information about pursuing MBA in United States.(I have received tons of such emails)   Without knowing much about what he was interested in, I gave the best part of what I learned from my three years of experience at University of Toledo.  I told him to have "High standards in anything you do and you will land up in the best place."

That's it.  Getting more information from me could be his expectation but so was my response.  It was because I realized that it is the best way to reach higher.  This was not out of any movie influence.  And it was instant.  This came out as a result of my trip to Northwestern University in Chicago.  I was at Kellogg School of Management for a conference.  One of the top business school in the world.  Recognized for its great marketing program.  Awesome place to be.

I was among the brightest of students, some of the best faculty and leading entrepreneurs in the world.  I was overwhelmed.  I felt that I had done nothing in my career.  For three years I haven't done anything of that caliber.  Throughout the conference I was wondering, "what made those students the best in the word?", "Why companies pay them so much?"  "What are they learning different that I am not learning?" 

So I asked a student and the same answer I got, "Have high standards."  That's it.  There is no big secret behind their success.  They select top notch faculty for their program.  As a result the faculty hand picks the students who are the best in the world.   And you know the end result.  The best place to pursue your MBA.  

So next time, turn in your best work possible, select the best consultant for your business, pay the best person and you will find yourself among the best.   Final one:  Beat your own standards.  There is no magic rule.

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