The Discovery of life - Death

 In my previous post "live like you are dying" I mentioned about how everyone should live life.  How people live after surviving a major heart attack.  Some will never realize until they experience death.  But according to OSHO, everyday everybody dies momentarily.  And yes you die every single day.  You sleep and nothing is in your control.  

You wake up and realize that world is still running rock solid.  Experiencing death in advance makes you think about life.  Makes you think how you should live.  Death is not permanent, it is a brief moment of time which passes by and a new life is born, just like you sleep and wake up.

Certainly the world will not come to an end if we die tomorrow.  The world will still continue to function as it is functioning now.  Then why worry about death.  If worrying about death makes you dispensable then it is good otherwise it is useless consumption of your emotional health. 

Do you worry about going to sleep every night?  No, not at all right.  You just can't wait to sleep.   Because you know tomorrow is a definite outcome of earth's rotation.  Which will breathe new energy and new life to your soul and you will start your day with new sets of beliefs.  So what happens when you die.  After your death your body goes to sleep and your souls awaits for new sunrise.  You are born again with a new sets of beliefs.

When you are gone, what will stay forever in this world?  Your beliefs.  Your principles with which you thrived.    People will equally feel the presence of Steve Jobs in all the future products of Apple if Apple lives by those principles that Steve planted.    

The greatest favor you can do to your loved ones, your tribe, your family is to make them Independent.  Don't spoon feed your family with everything they want in life.  Allow them to hustle in life.  Allow them to challenge the status quo.  Plant seeds of belief that will grow your tree forever.

Legendary film maker Raj kapoor of Bollywood quoted once, "The show must go on".  What did it meant for the entire family then and now?  Since then his sons, grandson, grand daughters are all in film industry and are making fortunes. 

For your company or your organization, you have to accept the fact that your position is not there forever.  One day your organization will need someone else to take over your position.  Your family will need a new leader to take over.

Your presence simply doesn't matter.  When you are sleeping your family is living by your beliefs.  What you brought in the system were a set of beliefs.  And those beliefs matters the most in the long run. 

Here are Top 10 beliefs that you should plant in your family and in your company.
1) Have high standards
2) There is not alternative for hard work
3) Build working relationships
4) Don't settle for anything less
5) Think Big
6) Imagination is the key
7) Leadership is the only option
8) Be a team player
9) Invest in continuous improvement
10) Be focused

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