How to follow a to-do list?

In my previous post on "To-Do" List I mentioned how to write a to-do list that is effective and works.  Remember the rule of three.  Well everything is great if you follow your "To-Do" list.  You should have some kind of ritual if you want to follow a habit.  I am going to propose three ways you can follow your to-do list.

1.) Have yourself accountable
The first reason people don't follow what they write is accountability.  If you don't follow your boss instructions then you are held accountable for that right.  You have to be held accountable for not following your own to-do list.  So give your personal "To-do" list to your wife or to a close friend.  Report them if you did what you wanted to be done today.  You can also have your mentor or any one who trusts you.

2.) Publicize
What people hate about failure is being a public failure.  You don't want yourself to be criticized in front of the whole company or your whole family.  So find a way you can publicize your to-do list.  For example, have a dry erase board, write your three things and keep in your office where everyone sees it or in your room.  Or you can even keep it in your home in your drawing room.  You will never miss it.

 3.) Give a deadline
Seth Godin says "Deadline forces us to take action".  People will respond to the email when deadline approaches.  They will do their homework before submission deadlines.  So give your to-do list a deadline.  And doing it on time is the key.  Ask yourself what is the advantage of doing late.

Rule of three is done.  Don't expect you will be great at first.  Doing it multiple times will bring in the ritual.

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