On Perfection

Perfection does not comes from knowing everything.  Perfection comes from knowing the fact that you know little and there is so much more to learn.  It also has to do with perception.  What you feel perfect is not perfect to others.

Assumption of perfection results into closing of many doors for opportunities.  Perfection is also misconception.  Instead try to become complete.  Completeness comes from being what you are.  In this complete moment you are contended with what you have.  That particular art of yours is complete.  It comes from satisfaction.

Moreover Perfection is just a snapshot of an ongoing activity.   There is always room for improvement.  Once you accept the fact that you art is perfect, you will not even try to see beyond what can be done.  What is next and what can be done more to it.   If everyone felt that they are perfect then the word innovation wouldn't have existed.

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