Viral Culture

We have come to an age where we live in a viral culture.  In a viral culture, ideas spread quickly and they become a phenomenon instantly.  The medium for spreading a potential idea across masses spanning different countries, languages and culture, is getting more and more fluid.

The barriers to entry are lowered in this medium.  Ideas with highest potential will spread faster than others.  People with real skills, talent and art will flourish in this new age.  Creativity will be will scale new heights.  We will learn more collaboratively than in silos.

This one video (link) posted on Youtube garnered millions of views and changed Ted William's life forever within just 48 hours.  He lands contract with MSNBC and appears on major TV shows like The Daily Show just within days.

There are many such videos which have become instant hits and people behind it have made fortunes out of it.  So what is making up this viral culture.  What is the driving force behind it?

1.) Mobile Internet on phones, tablets, laptops.
2.) Social Media Sharing using websites and mobile apps.
3.) Incredible capability OR Extra ordinary talent OR One great IDEA OR One cool innovation.

With all of the above, word of mouth is amplified exponentially and this is going to increase.  These are enough reasons for us to believe that "It is possible and now is the time to make it happen".  We live in a viral culture and  we don't need anybody to give us a ladder any more.

If the idea is worth it and if it is great, then it will reach millions and billions of people.  Isn't it amazing to realize that we come to this age.   It takes effort to create something that is amazingly beautiful and superb that it will scale and spread among people.

Just imagine when mobile will be available to everyone(sooner or later this is going to happen as costs are going drastically down) how much people we will be able to reach?  

Now is the time to do something really great.

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