Sunday, October 31, 2010


Ray Ozzie, chief software architect of Microsoft until his recent announcement of departure, says that "If we can imagine something, we can create it". 

"Imagination is the single most important competitive advantage we have today as a country," said Thomas Friedman of New York Times. "Imagining a new project is where the magic is."

If one wants to showcase his talent to the world than he can easily show it through youtube.  The cost of production and distribution has went down drastically.  Imagination will always be a key to all kinds of innovation. 

Friday, October 29, 2010


Is that a blog title?  Yes it deserves to be.  When we refer to brand Apple we think about sexy products.  Zappos is such a brand name in shoes and soft retail goods.   When one thinks of Zappos it reminds him of excellent customer service.  Last night I saw an interview of Tony Hsieh on Business Insider (View it here).  It was awesome.  

Tony at 24 sold his company to Microsoft in 1999 at 265 million dollars.  He strongly believes in building a strong company culture.  A company's culture is the toughest part to tackle and also most difficult to change.  When you have a strong culture then you can build a solid product and give super customer service.   

I even ordered Tony's book "Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose".  Zappos has maintained to stay independent even after its merger with Amazon.  How is that possible?  Well you can find that in the interview above, as my explanation will not do justice.  

Many companies write their core values and mission statements which are hanging in their lobbies but rarely they make sense.  If you want to look at Zappos core values they are clear and make sense.  This is exactly what the book "Made To Stick" mentions, that your ideas should be concrete and not vague to make them stickier.  Try to build values and mission statements which are crystal clear.  

When you look at Zappos website you can feel the company culture and also you can make out what is going on in the background.  Their 800 number is on the top of every single page so any time a customer can easily find it. They believe in complete customer satisfaction.  Even if it costs the company still it is ok because they consider it as their marketing cost.  

An entire new approach is needed if you want to sell goods online.  Not many companies are successful.  In online retail everyone thinks it is the technology.  No it is not and never will be.  Company's people and processes will always be key in not only online retail but any business.  Any guesses why dot com bubble burst?  

Thursday, October 28, 2010


In one of my post I mentioned that skills brings money, which is true if you know where the opportunity lies.

As the famous saying, "Beauty is in the eye of beholder", a person can see opportunity in every adversity if he wishes to.  What will you do if you were stuck at an airport and flights get canceled?  Not your fault but what will you do? There is an important meeting and you have to make it to the meeting.  Now what?

I know not everyone is like Sir Richard Branson(Founder of Virgin Atlantic).  When faced with similar situation he immediately did the math and asked fellow passengers if there was a flight, will they travel along with him and pay the fare.  Everyone agreed.  Sir Branson collected the money from the passengers and rented a plane.   Boom.

Don't get nervous next time, when your car gets broke or system crashes, it is not the end of the world.  Try to figure out where the opportunity lies. 

Opportunities exist all the time.  Right now there are more opportunities than even 2 years before.  But one will find it only if one looks for it.  Even in the recession period more companies were founded by young Entrepreneurs than 3 years before. 

Best investment opportunities exist during recession, when economy is weakest and prices are really cheap.  But who will grab this opportunity, those who saw it before it came.  Those who kept looking for it.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Have you ever faced this?  You are driving on the wrong road and you have no clue where you are heading towards.  Or you know where you are going but not sure whether that path will lead you towards your destiny.  You realize it later that you were way off your target.  Of course when somebody showed you the way. 

Many times you would have regretted that asking someone earlier might have saved you a lot of time.  Our entire perspective changes when some is there to guide us.   I would have been a different person if somebody would have shown me importance of top notch Universities.

Smart technologies have handed over to us smart devices like GPS enabled phone that provide us directions.  But what we will do when we are alone trying to solve a life quest.  How long will you continue on a path that you are less confident about?

It is OK to ask anybody at any point no matter how late you are.  By not asking, you are just delaying the confrontation of your foolishness to yourself.  

Sometimes you might have to ask often.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Who Is In Charge?

Who is in charge of your attention?

It is the most precious thing that we are giving away easily.

When it is needed the most, we give it to someone else (mobile phones, TV, Saturday Nights)

If we are giving away our precious thing to others then they are definitely going to get rich.  The more you text, the more they make money.  The more you watch TV the more they make.  The more you spend money outside someone is making money.

Keep it with you if you want to be rich.

You are in charge of your attention.

Lock it.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sugar A Status Symbol ! Really !

Sugar a symbol of status ! Really !   In the seventeenth century sugar was an item of luxury and it was considered as a status symbol.   It was very expensive item and of course the technology didn't existed to mass produce sugar from sugar cane.

Suddenly they started producing more and more sugar flooding the market.  So prices decreased.  And sugar was added to everything into coffee, tea, dairy products etc.  It was turned into a necessity.   I was surprised to read this and you should read this Sugar turned into a necessity.

For more people to consume sugar they started promoting benefits of sugar.  Middle class also started consuming because a luxury item then was now affordable and they started consuming sugar like anything.

Coming back to 2010 if you just walk into a super market you will see thousands of products which have ample of sugar.  It is enough to make you diabetic.  Guys any second guesses to why obesity and diabetes is increasing in 21st century than before.

Sugared and flavored milk, sugar coated cereals, sweet bread, chocolates ..........come on do we need sugar in everything.  When shall we market sugar as a non-status symbol?  Is diabetes your current status? Perhaps not how about your friends?

My father is diabetic and I saw him suffering since my childhood.  I am talking about early nineties when I heard only my dad being affected by it.  In recent years I am hearing many people, my relatives and friends getting diabetes.  So clearly it is alarming as it is increasing.

Jamie Oliver who won Ted Prize in 2010 for his work in the food industry says,

 "How can you say something is low-fat when it's full of so much sugar?"  See his TED talk 

Is there a need to celebrate Halloween, Easter, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Thanks Giving with TONS OF Chocolates

If you really think yes then why not just hand out boxes and boxes of sugar?   

According to Oliver’s statistics, diet-related disease – cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke and diabetes – constitute the main causes of death (in fact the top three, with diabetes coming in sixth) in the U.S. Some two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese, says Oliver, largely due to the salt, sugar and fat in processed foods.

Read more at Suite101: Chef Jamie Oliver Wins 2010 TED Prize: That’s $100,000 And A Wish 

Sugar a status symbol ?  Really ?  I don't think so.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Point

You are in a meeting with your project Team.  Discussions and Ideas float in the air.  There are many view points to a particular project.  And the picture looks like this.
Until all reach to a consensus there is no point in dismissing a meeting.  Everyone has to agree on one single point.  It reminds me of the movie 12 Angry Men.  Until everyone reaches to an agreement the verdict is not out.    Everyone has to be convinced with the solution.  I don't know why organization go ahead with the majority of votes.  The picture has to be like this.
One point of view and everyone agrees to it.  And that's how I define an organization culture.  You can have many ideas but everyone at the end should agree on one solution.  The best one.  This brings harmony, enthusiasm, ownership of the problem and change in an organization.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Two Ways To Change World

There are only two ways to change the world.  Tough and Easy one.

Tough one : Go mess around everyone's business (lives) and pitch in your idea.

If you are not experienced, you will be kicked out.  No money, competition will crush you out.  Keeping it very simple.  Go try it out.  Some ideas need pitching if quick results are needed.  And that is what MBA Schools teach.

So here is the easy one which MBA schools will not teach you.  The great freedom fighter who fought his battle on few principles to give freedom to India.

Easy one:  "Be the change you want to be" - Mahatma Gandhi.

Your life is an example to the world.   You don't have to argue with everyone.  They can see the change in you.  Changing everyone is tough.  Changing one person is easy.  Has Steve Jobs changed the world? Yes.  How? By changing himself.  Has he changed after being removed from his own company?  Yes (See the Stanford commencement speech) .

"You can change your life by changing your Attitude" - Oprah.

How will you change yourself and your attitude?  Which principles shall define the fate of your entire family and generation?

Go find your true self and be true to your self.    

Distant Mentors

Steve Jobs, Seth Godin, Jeff Bezos are some of my distant mentors.  Their advise is their work.  I drive inspiration from them on how they might function. 

I will never will be able to talk to anyone of them but they do talk to me everyday. It is a one way traffic.

And as I read more books I am developing more such Mentors and some of them are not even alive (Albert Einstein. Geroge Washington, Abraham Lincoln and more).  

So what if they are far, their work and their persona reaches me faster than physical being.

There many such great distant mentors, they are your friends and family members, giving us invaluable insights into future.

The biggest obstacle between them and you is "You".  

Open up.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Success and Failure Credits

I have great mentors backing my life and my success.  Whereas only one person is responsible for my failure, and that's me.  No second guesses in that.  It makes my life easier when I have only one person to criticize over my failure.

When everything goes right I thank many people who have helped me.  Just comes natural after not doing it many times(So I am no born with such wisdom guy).  My hard work is always overshadowed by Mentors.  They have been my superstars.

In past stupidly I used to criticize others for my failure and waste my emotional energy.  Over time I have learned hard lessons to make life easier.  Take the blame on yourself and move ahead.  But not for the wrong reasons. If I just keep rationalizing my failure then I will never concentrate on overcoming it.  So I quickly get bad emotions out and move on.  Wise thing to do. 

Now this is obvious to you and also you might have observed, when we win we never take time to thank others and when we fail, we seek help.  The logic is not right. 

So remember always, when you win, imagine yourself standing on Oscar podium and thank everyone.  You know why this works, because once you are successful not matter how big or small you are a celebrity.  And when you give credit to other, you are giving some portion of your fame to them.  They too feel gratified. 

 Next time when you fail(possible not), hopefully they will stand by you. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What Will You Do If Google Did It?

In recent years, giants companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter coming from nowhere, it has become pretty evident that many old behemoths are afraid and are forced to re-think their viability.  These companies are eating away lunch of many big companies like Microsoft and Yahoo.

It has certainly forced gorillas to wake up, shed some weight and innovate.  Companies are innovating faster then before.  Apple is having more product launches per year then they used to do.  Google is entering into every business that you can think off (An automated car -- really?). 

Well it is not a surprise that such a technology never existed.  Engineers from MIT have long developed such cars.  But never made it to market due to liability issues and nascent technology.  But Google has the advantage of its massive data centers, artificial intelligence, data mining capability and Geo-mapping technology.  Such a technology a car, coming from Google is a surprise. 

So you should not be surprised if Google invents their own spaceship tomorrow.  Because it is how the game is changing.  Innovation is the name of the game.  If they can do it in their 20% of spare time (Google give their engineers 20% of their time to work on anything they like), then why couldn't we. 

Can't we take a break from what we do everyday and spare some time to re-think the way we do things?  If 80% of our time is unproductive then why not just take a break and do something else.  Can we spend some time learning new skills? Could we spend time collaborating or volunteering on a project close to next department?

Google, Facebook or any company will eventually do what they are destined to do it.  But what will you do with your time?  Could we take some time weekly to analyze how this technology or a certain trend is going to affect our long term future?  It is not about what impact they will have on us.  But what impact can we create.  Will you?

The Best Thank You Ever

If you want to say a thank you to someone for something then here is the best one.  To me it is the most wise statement to someone whom you care or don't care is thank you.  And the best one is this one.

The good part of this thank you is that it works on both the parties, the good and the bad.  Well guess what bad people have helped you more than the good ones.  Have you ever met a bad boss?  If yes then did you learn from him what you would not do if you were the boss.

Had a fight with a friend?  Didn't it made you think what you should not have done?  I guess in that case both good and bad people deserve a thank you.

Here is it.

"THANK YOU, for being yourself"

That's it.  If the other person is enjoying seeing you in pain then trust me, you are learning a tough lesson through that person.  An enemy will teach you life's toughest lessons sometimes. 

And to those who are already good will respect you for showering such words of praise.  For me this has worked greatly.  Whenever I am stressed or had a good day or a bad day with someone, this is what I used to tell them.

"THANK YOU, for being yourself."

And guess what, I tell them please continue to do that.  I helps me to advance in my career.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Why Steve Jobs Rejects Most Of Good Ideas?

 If you are an Apple fan then you know by now that Steve Jobs rejects many good ideas.  He accepts only those ideas which are right for the company and for the customers.  He acts like a filter.  No doubt he is tough to impress.

In this article I am trying to draw an analogy why he rejects many ideas.  And I could be wrong but I thought lets give it a try.

Every day millions of people come up with brilliant ideas.  The moment they thought that idea, they were in a stimulus mode.  So excited, they could not think about anything else but execute it.  They think if they delay it someone else will take away their idea.(Apple's Iphone versions are always behind wireless standards, 3G and 4G not out yet).  So they rush to ship it.

As a result they ship a product with lots of flaws and there comes tons of customer complains.  Without knowing the rules of the game they just want to play it and see themselves win.   They are under the influence of drug (here it is an idea)

Under the influence of drug a person cannot think of what is right and wrong.  A stimulating idea has such a potential.  It will make you blind.  Even the entire product team and a company can go wrong.   There you need a visionary a leader who is not affected by the drug.

When all of your friends are partying and drinking, it is advised one person should not drink.  Because it is unsafe to drink and drive.   If you do then no wonder you will crash.  Here Steve Jobs is in the driving seat of Apple and everyone behind him in the car are drunk.  Drunk with potential ideas ready to ship.

Steve is in no hurry to ship.  Yes but he is in a hurry to explore, to learn and to innovate.

On Off Switch

The room is dark and you need a light.  You turn on the switch and its bright.  You move out and you switch it off.  And its dark.  It is not in the middle.  Complete brightness and complete darkness.

Act like a switch.  Once you have made a decision it is either complete yes or complete no.  

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Best Gift

The best gift comes without a price tag but it is priceless.  It is unexpected and has the potential to change your emotions.  It is unusually remarkable and has the potential to stick into our memories. 

The best gift is a relationship builder.  It is a perception to the consumer of the gift.  It is personal and relevant.  Sometimes it would come from a person whom you would have never expected.  Example.  The person who made that decision to give you your first job.

And finally you will believe in giving it back.   "It will force you to reciprocate."  - Seth Godin

Friday, October 15, 2010

Mr. Focus Says

Focus is everything.

Get distracted and just ruin everything you have achieved till now.

Maintain focus and achieve whatever you want.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Scan

Why web pages are longer? Why we see different stories on news websites which aren't always news?  If you are unaware of this then observe news websites like,  They are getting longer and longer, filled with everything.  Previously if you wanted to find any news on any particular section say sports or technology, you would go to sports section or technology tab.  Whereas now it is all embedded into one page.

In addition to that now you will find hardly any news on a news website interesting.  People visit a website and just scan through links.  If any words interest them then they will click other wise they will leave.  Before a news (or breaking news they call it) will appear on the homepage only if it is actually news.  Now everything is there on one plate.  Are they trying to overwhelm you or annoy you or make you feel guilty of so much information?  May be or may be not.  May be it is not intentional.  It is just how the culture is changing.   The culture of a web surfers.

I call it "The Scanning Culture".   It is very hard for this generation to focus on.  The scan is running on everything and continuously.  Part of this is to be blamed on the social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook and even blogging sites.  And part of it is to be blamed on search engines like Google.   If you were to find any information then you know that everything Google gives is not worth and you have to search multiple sites to find out the best.  Google introduced the scavenger hunt for information and people started hunting until they find anything interesting.

Due to this, scroll button on your computer mouse was rolled more frequently.  Roll click, roll click, click click and out.  But Twitter and Facebook started a river of activity updates from everyone, not just your friends but brands and news sites.  People's attention was now at its riskiest point.  On top of it the killer product launch ever was the iphone by Apple.  The always online generation was born and with that they were able to go on hunting whenever they wanted.  They got less interested in the prime time shows and news hour on Television. A recent study shows that Television ratings are at its lowest due to mobile devices.

The scroll button is used maximum.  An average news is of no more interest to this generation.  This generation is just scanning for words.  News website literally make a point to have few stories which are trending topics on Twitter, Youtube or Facebook.  Attention span of this generation is the shortest ever in the history of man kind.  And websites are clueless has to which stories (not news) will an online user click.  So they tend to put everything.  Users scan maximum to see on the main page and digging deeper into different pages is decreasing.  Hence everything is served to us on one long page. 

Why people find it less interesting reading and more interesting in watching?  Why long new stories are not read extensively whereas short updates are of more interest?  The scan is going to increase and become more and more evident because the average amount of information on the web is exploding and to find the best one you will have to start searching and scanning faster. 

This is the 200th post in 2010 of Journey blog and if you are fan of Journey blog on Facebook and a regular reader then you can win a $10 Chipotle gift card.  Leave your comments here

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Don't Need Your Money, Give Me Internet

Don't give me money, give me internet.  If you could help a poor nation with something then build a super fast network for ultra high speed internet accessible to at least half of its population.  And see how communities after communities are built.  

My father when came to USA got bored after staying at home when I was busy working.  He suddenly found his passion on youtube.  He started watching videos on furniture design and artistry.  I was surprise to see him contacting people in furniture design.  And of course he complained the poor quality of internet in India, but not about anything else. 

As soon as he went to back to India after now 3 months he has started his own workshop to build custom made furniture.  Ain't that amazing.  My mother never learned how to turn on a computer but she can easily navigate and find old songs on youtube.  

These are just stories close to me.  But imagine what wonders it could do to a nation where generation is longing to learn and innovate.  Money will not last for long and no nation can supply a lasting financial aid.  But can we at least empower a school in a developing nation with high speed internet.  If we can then I believe that rest of generation will pick up on itself. 

If we are willing to learn and collaborate, internet right now is in its golden stage to provide a platform for such a cultural exchange.  If you are reading this post on your computer or mobile take a moment to think for a man who is working in sun with little expertise on wood cutting.  Had he seen some videos on internet he could have changed his life. 


Do you pray to God? 

How about writing all your principles you believe in or you want to believe, into your Prayer book?  How about Goals?

After all setting your goals is just conditioning your mind for a particular behavior right.  It is about manipulating your subconscious mind over and over. If we can pray everyday then why not repeat those goals and principles everyday. 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Is Education A Painful Experience?

A person with $40,000 to $50,000 in student loans to repay with an average job will definitely think twice whether to send his child to school.  And quality of education provided in public institutions is degrading than ever before.  The relevancy has gone.

By the time you graduate what you have learned becomes outdated.  Again you have to undergo training or learn new stuff.  Higher education is becoming expensive every year and relevancy is going down.  Student loan will become expensive there is no doubt about it.  And getting a job that pays well is again a pain.  All in all it creates a painful experience in one's life. 

The whole education system is a big failure.  It is not just one sided problem.  Everyone is responsible for it.  And no wonder one day a technology company would revolutionize it.  When I think of a beautiful experience then I don't want to think of that product at all.  For example when you go to a movie theater if it is well designed it will get out of your way to give you the perfect experience.  You will be in the director's world entirely.  

That is how I want an Educational institution.  Once a product is built it shouldn't go back to manufacturing plant for repairs.  If you have an education from a premier institute then you will never have to worry about your life.   Student's from IITs and MIT are great learning individuals.  They are all set.  Do they have to worry about student loans?  About Job? I don't think so. 

I am not a person to sit aside and do nothing about it.  I want to revolutionize the whole system or at least be a part of it.  And I have taken my first step in this direction with my very first job.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Platform Is The King

In today's world, those companies which own the platform will win the battle(make cash).  Think if you owned radio you could broadcast any song you wanted right.  You can allow any advertisement you want.  Similarly, companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google they own a platform and they are able to attract lots of eye balls.  And so many companies are willing to pay them to show their ads on their platform.   

So are companies like Amazon with Kindle, Apple with iphone, ipad, and Google with Android phone able to attract advertisers.  They have an advantage because they have an asset(platform).  They can change the rules of the game whenever they want.  You don't want to wage a war who buys ink by the barrel. 

All this discussion is good but how does this impact us and how can we benefit from it.  Many ways actually.  If you imagine yourself as an advertiser then you can own multiple billboards and charge companies to show their ads on your platform. If you are an event organizer you too own a platform.  You don't have to be only an internet company to have a platform. 


The one who has never made a film will become a film critic.  The one who has never made a painting will criticize your work.  He who never fought on the borders with soldiers will sit in AC and participate in political debate.

Should you pay attention to them?  Will you take their judgment seriously?  Yes and no.  Honest criticism should always be welcomed.  Ridiculous and prejudiced criticism should be neglected.  When you are exposed to criticism you open yourself to learning.

A customer will criticize your product no matter even if he doesn't know what goes into aerodynamics.  And if you are in the market then everyone is a critic.  But only few should be dealt with care.  And rest is just noise.  Filter it out.

And  you cannot please everyone.  But you can acknowledge them and move on. 

Friday, October 08, 2010

When Opposites Clash

Like poles repel each other and unlike attract each other.  In marriage we have heard that couples with opposite nature attract each other and make a successful life.  Then why when different companies merge there is a clash.

When opposites clash sure there is going to be rift.  But then only there is magic.  When different cultures unite then you have diversity.

In a merger if one company is different than the other then it is a good thing.  Because the other will bring change.  A company wanted to compete which is why they decided to merge or buy a company. 

The unknown will bring change to a company culture.  Next time you meet somebody and find him to be different and nothing common then feel good about it.  Get to know each other well.  It will bring change to your life.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Problems Are Like Popcorn

P for Popcorn and P for Problems.  Similarity?   They just pop-up.  And you cannot stop them from popping up once heat is given.  But you can prevent a popcorn from popping out of the vessel.

Problems will pop-up from every side and you will never know.  But you can prevent it from getting out of control.  The Gulf-Oil spill could have been prevented but nobody took responsibility until got out of control.

Every event is met with challenges and difficulties.  Some unseen circumstances will come but how will you handle it and keep it under control will make you a successful event manager.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Leadership Is Everything To A Family

Leadership is the ultimate form of marketing.  It is a hard earned skill.  There are many groups and organizations created every single day.  How many of them are active?  In my school life, I have seen organizations flourish under a charismatic leader.  And no wonder same organizations failed under a literally bad leadership. 

A flock of sheep will go where ever the first sheep goes.  The rest of them will follow.  View leadership from a parent's perspective.  A father or a mother takes care of his/her child irrespective of child's intelligence.  A father advises his children irrespective of their age.  A new born baby does not have a voice.  It learns what ever the parent teaches. 

A leader takes care of his organization like a father.  He is everything to the organization.  A father acts like a mentor, a friend, a teacher, and hero to a family.  A leader should have all these qualities.   Do you see all these qualities in your boss or the company president?  When we compare an organization to a family it becomes more personal. 

A family is something in which everyone is close to each other.  Everyone cares about each other.  Should a father neglect one son over the other?  Then why a leader's focus is often shifted from few products or departments in a company. 

In a newly formed organization there is a significant need for parenting.  Lots of mentoring and structuring is required.  Once they grow then parents have little control over them.  A family succeeds purely on the basis of leader's vision and principles. 

Like a father, a leader is everything to a company.  He has to assume different roles at different times to solve multiple problems.  To me a charismatic leader should be viewed as a "Superman". 

Monday, October 04, 2010

Skill Brings Money

Now you may argue that not every skill will bring money.  True and false.  Every skill comes with a price tag.  Some skills may not fetch you quarter but dime.  While some may even earn you $100,000 a year. 

It doesn't matter where you start from.  The rules of the game are still the same.  "Make some and save some.  Save some and invest some".

What matters is which skills will you choose to jump from one price tag to another and how much faster.  On the way how will you change yours and others life will matter.

You could be mopping a floor as a janitor in a hospital.  But still you have the potential to become the best nurse.  Save some money for school and get away with a degree.  Do it again and improve.

It is always one step after another.  And with each step you learn and earn.  You make and you save.  I don't know why this doesn't make sense to everyone.  And it is not a wonder why there aren't many billionaires. 

Sunday, October 03, 2010

This Is It

This time is it.  If you are waiting for the perfect time, then I assure you that your waiting time is not going to end.

In this moment, be content and live it.  "If I will get this I will do this" kind of attitude is not going to end.  It is a race.  Once you get what you wanted, by the time you get it you will aspire for more.  The longing will never end.

This is it.  But don't stop thinking big.  Always aim higher but do not live in past or future. 

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Fine Line Of Separation

Cross one line and I doubt they will spare you.    That is how it works at country borders.  Want to see?  Go on Youtube and see.

Result of Crossing such border is definite:  Jail or Dead.  In our daily lives we do not have the guts to draw a line between two extremes.  It is because of failure to visualize the extreme immediately.

There is a fine line which one should not cross.  You could be inches away before you disrupt someone's privacy.  One click on a button and you could share you entire life with someone whom you don't know on  a social network. 

One tweet can land you in trouble.  Some lines are not meant to be crossed - socially, professionally and ethically.  A person at the bar should know when he should stop drinking before he gets out of control. 

It is actually very tough not to get distracted by the attraction.  To stay aligned, experienced individuals have formed rules.  Those rules have to be followed. 

Friday, October 01, 2010

The Most Valuable Employee

It is not about net dollar worth of an employee.  It is about what that person is able to give to an organization irrespective of his/her salary. 

Staying for 30 min more and contributing for the project is beyond the job manual.  Seth Godin has been saying this since long.  I have mentioned many times about word "Linchpin", which Seth recommends to become. 

The most valuable person in your company is not the one who needs incentive to outperform.  They need no motivation.  They are self-motivated. 

To me a person who is self-motivated is the most fierce competitor.  In terms of companies too, those companies whose culture is very strong and those who look for inspiration from within are most innovative and competitive.

When someone with such a persona is around, you can feel the magic of his presence.  The charm and energy in the surrounding is enigmatic.  Why are such employees most valuable?  Is it because they contribute more than others? 

Are those employees most valuable who are able to bring change to an organization?  Is there any second guess who the most valuable person at Apple ?

So that kind of person whose mission is not bound to just Apple.  His mission is beyond the self and the whole company. 

I can give many individual and companies which have brought significant change to the world not because of money.  I would conclude this topic by saying, "The most valuable person in any company surely doesn't work for money at all".