How to retain employees?

You loose employees because of many reasons:

1) Lack of trust
2) Poor incentives
3) Lack of respect
4) Lack of fun
5) And you can count as many as you can.

But the biggest reason for loosing employees is "Lack of fun at work".  If your employees are not having fun at work they are surely not going to come back with enthusiasm.  You want them to come everyday with full energy and full commitment to work.  You want them to become linchpins along the way.

You have to incorporate creativity and playfulness in their daily job description.  You as a leader has to bring in games, competitions, movies, playful atmosphere and joy from contributing linchpin work.

Ask your employees frequently if they are having fun?  If the answer is no then address it as quickly as you can by bringing in some fun to work place.  You could either bring in food like Professor Clint.  Or you could give away ice creams like CEO John Chambers of CISCO. 

Why people log in everyday on facebook for an average of 1hour a day?  Because there is so much fun involved in interactions with people.  There is fun involved in playing games.

Fun is an integral part of our life snatched away by school enterprise mentality.

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